Our Skills & Values

Skills & Values integrated in our customer service

Independent perspective

Through our professional and social competence and, above all, our independent external view, we capture the entirety of the company in the current state. Together with our clients we analyze and increase their development potential in the future.


Our consultants have the necessary expertise and experience in different ranges of performance.

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Social competence

As different interest groups with often contrasting interests are involved, our work requires much sensitivity to find solutions. And the attitude that the customer does not have to do what we, as consultants, think is right, but what is right for himself. There is no "right" or "wrong".  To listen, to understand, to accompany, to moderate and to help the customer to achieve his goals therefore requires a high degree of social competence. We engage with people within the organization and these people thoroughly - as we ourselves - are social beings with heart and mind - from the owner to the production staff.

International network

As a strategy consultant, we have to deal with complex tasks constantly.  These sometimes require a wide-ranging expertise, which is used when considered necessary. A network of colleagues and business partners helps to work quickly and efficiently. Long-term business relationsships providing the basis upon larger projects can be  implemented. These networks have existed for many years and are being continously expanded. We work with an extensive regional, trans-regional and international network. Therefore, it creates enormous added value for our customers.

Decision making

In general, entrepreneurs come to us when it comes to issues which one cannot resolve alone.

Our first taks is to find out what exactly the concern is, to be able to highlight all possible options in a further step. Certainly for the most part there are several approaches for action. We present these and help to filter out the right one and implement it in sequence. This is a unique process - from initial contact to  finalization.

Systemic competence

Systemic workings attempt to establish order, to manage complexity and to create clarity. A systemic attitude renounces attributions like right or wrong, is free of value, does not believe in an absolute truth, is unintentional, looks at what is and is benevolent and inclusive.

Sustainable solutions

Our self-understanding also provides us with a framework for action. We have opted for sustainable projects and are not taking any path with us. Regional value creation, the holding of jobs, resource-conserving production processes and social criteria is of major importance for us and we advise - almost exclusively - customers, who are also committed to sustainability.