imPlus Unternehmensentwicklung GmbH was founded in 1995 in Vienna  by Dr. Thomas Böckle and his partners. Thus since more than 20 years imPlus has been successfully active in the market. As an external partner, imPlus supports its customers in their sustainable corporate development. Back then as well as today, imPlus is active in three business areas:

  • Strategy consulting
  • Organizational consulting
  • Company purchases/-sales and successions

The founding years

The first years of business were characterized by interesting small projects, strategy consulting for start-up companies, as well as organizational advice in the public sector (ministries and municipalities). The consulting industry experienced a first massive crisis in 2000, which led to numerous 'shake-outs' in the industry. By making appropriate adjustments to the market requirements, these changes were successfully managed and at the beginning of the new millenium the prerequisites for a successful further development could be created. This marked the completion of the pioneering phase of the company.

A recognized consulting partner

A change of location from Vienna to Vorarlberg as well as a change in the shareholder structure, with the entry of Benedicte Hämmerle, followed. Although the strategic business areas of imPlus remained the same, the company's customer structure gradually changed. imPlus was able to gain more and more well known and important industrial companies, which, in addition to the strategic and organizational consulting activities, contributed in particular to the third business segment, the "Company purchases/-sales and successions". 


In 2007 we were proud to have received the Constantinus Award in the segment "Best Management Consultancy of the year" in Austria. Hence imPlus was not only able to establish a position as an acknowledged consultancy specialist in the market but also to provide an alternative to larger consulting companies around the world.

The global economic crisis leads to another cycle of change

The global economic crisis started in 2007. This led to the fact that many companies were faced with liqzidity problems and, more than ever, needed fresh funding. This - as a consequence - was hardly possible through the banking sector. There were virtually no venture capital investments and private equity funds were and still are precluded to classic SME's. 


Based on the experience and successful activity in the business unit "Company purchases/-sales and successions" imPlus was able to create an entrepreneurial alternative together with its partners. Based on an investors network, a consultancy company was established, as a supplement to the classical consultancy work. This resulted in an interesting alterative for the interplay of consulting, financing and investment partners. This option has significantly expanded the field of action as well as the flexibility and has become a further focus of the imPlus activities.


Today, the experience and the advisory expertise of the imPlus team are the basis for successful consulting projects. Entrepreneurs and managing directors value our expertise and the individual approach.