Extract of our references

Strategy development

A1 Telekom Austria

Successful take-over of a thriving family business

Grabher Der Baumeister GmbH & Hefel Wohnbau 

Successful sale of a company

Henn GmbH & Co KG

Reorganization / Purchase of competitor

Fulterer GmbH & Merz-Meyer AG 

Concept of a growth strategy

Mohrenbrauerei Vertriebs KG

Successful takeover of a traditional company

Sutterlüty Mein Ländlemarkt & Broger Metzgerei

Long term accompaniment of the strategic- and organizational development


Development of a growth strategy through potential investments

SOLA Messwerkzeuge GmbH

Successful takeover of a family business

Müller Stapler & Pfitscher Staplertechnik

Strategic- and organizational consultancy

Fulterer GmbH

Challenging strategy and organization project

Bucher Verlag GmbH

Supportive consultation in strategic company purchases in RUI, CZE

Gunz Warenhandels GmbH

Audits in an accreditation process

Missing Children Europe

Organizational development

MerzRoller AG, CH

Organizational development


Strategic and organizational development

Elektrobit formerly Decomsys

Strategic consulting

S.I.E Group

Start-up consulting & strategic development

IMS Höllinger GmbH

Strategic- and organizational consulting

LIBRO Handelsgesellschaft mbH

Organization consultancy

Montafonerbahn AG

Organization consultancy

Vorsprung Messebau GmbH

Organizational- and personnel development

Raiffeisen Lagerhaus Lavanttal

Project management - relocation of production

Fulterer GmbH

Coordination of the association 'Verband der Sozialen Unternehmen Vorarlberg'

Soziale Unternehmen Vorarlberg

Internal Audits


Successful takeover of a family owned company

Walser KG