With more than 200 km/h towards the earth.

Parallels between a parachute jump and the management of a company.

A remarkable number of people are thrilled by parachute jumping and the thrill of the adrenaline rush associated with it. If one assumes that the jumpers have the utmost interest in being able to tell friends and family about it after the jump, safety is not an insignificant topic. There is, on the one hand, the chance of an unforgettable, happy experience and, on the other hand, a certain risk associated with it.

It is therefore important to consider whether the opportunity is worth the risk! But how? Intuitively? Rely completely on the trainer? Falling back to the expertise and reports of others?


In the sense of the above-mentioned chance of a one-time happiness, the objectives are defined. And the risks?


These can be systematically identified and evaluated.  When skydiving, details such as the quality of material used, the care needed when packing, or the individual performance and behavior of the jumper are important aspects.

Having assessed the essential aspects,  it can be concluded which risks are to be avoided, reduced or tolerated.


If you approach the Earth at 200 km/h you want to be sure to  address all uncertainties by appropriate measures in advance and to reach your goal in the desired condition.


Leading a company places the same challenges: to recognize and use opportunities as well as to manage risks. However, it is not a single 'jump' but a large number of decisions - to take the metaphor further.

The main goal is, in any case, to ensure a secure existence!


We as imPlus consultants moderate and accompany your entire risk management process, so all you need is 'jump'!