The Safaripark

On the trail of your process landscape - a safari through your company

Processes and procedures hav a significant impoct on your company's profit.

Together with you, we carry out an analytical process check based on characteristic 'animals' with your company by means of a method developed in-house.

In a short time we are able to present - in a payful and creative approach - an overview of the company's own business processes and potentials, together with the entrepreneur or a small group of employees.

The Safaripark itself represents the company and the individual functions within the company are being represented by the corresponding animal breeds. That the workshop sometimes come to constellations than can also be smiled at, goes without saying!

On a basis of an evaluated questionnaire and moderation throughout the workshop the consultants will be able to present a first result to the participants at the end of the workshop.

With this Safari 'Quick Check' next logical steps can be derived.

Take a safari with us.

We will be pleased to accompany you.


Daniel Burkard und Benedicte Hämmerle