Sustainable business

From linear to systemic thinking

The success of an organization is directly linked to the relationships between different people and functions and how they communicate with each other. Should the equilibrium (the order) within a system becomes less and less balanced, a planned goal becomes almost unreachable or a project fails.


In order to deal with these issues and to find solutions, the systemic organization is one of the most effective and exciting innovations in the consulting work within the last two decades.


With this method, themes are spatially imaged and lined up. Relationships and the effect of individual elements are made 'three-dimensional' - visible, audible and felt. Thus, in a process with the client, a visual and tangible experience space is created which reflects the real system. Clients therefore quickly recognize the essentials for the solution. This method is efficient and cost-effective.

The system approach as a method: One can now say that in the economic areas of science, systemic methods have been necessary to deal with the complexity and dynamics of our time. Since the 1960s, the system approach has evolved in "waves", and the respective methods that have emerged have entered the management world. At the same time, there was also the need to consider the quality criterias for corresponding research work. Originally founded in the field of natural sciences, criterias such as objectivity, generalizability, reliability, validity and independence were essential. It is a case of explaining, measuring and logically presenting the cause-effect. Such criteria are of little or no use in systemic work. Qualitative research is used here, such as contextual conditions, belief system, connectivity, ecological validity, etc.[1]


Systemic organizational presentations sharpen the focus on the essentials and help to represent complex systems and to identify and solve disturbing fields. This is why we increasingly tending to use this method. Inquiries are welcome at


[1] Ursula Kopp, Institute for Managing Sustainability, WU Wien




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